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Welcome to the Solo Gaming EXP

Now a bi-weekly actual play podcast dedicated to playing Tabletop Roleplaying Games solo


Episode 21

Published on:

12th Aug, 2022

Episode 20

Published on:

9th Jun, 2022

Episode 19

Published on:

2nd Jun, 2022

Episode 18

Published on:

26th May, 2022

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About the Podcast

The Solo Gaming EXP
Tired of not being able to meet up with your friends for game night? Did you find the most fantasmagorical role playing game EVER, but no one wants to play it? Each time you pull out a pencil, some dice and a character sheet, do your kids mock you and say "it's easier on Roll20"?

Well if that's the case then, unfortunately, my podcast won't help you. But listen anyway as I do solo play throughs of RPGs and roll dice the old fashioned way and maybe, just maybe, it will inspire you to do the same.

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About your host

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Art Phillips

Art is a self professed geek who is a lover of all things bootyful (and you know who you are). His hobbies include listening to real music, reading fantastic fiction, writing mediocre short stories and photographing people that don't want their picture taken in the first place.

Oh, and he claims to have started gaming some time in the 1980's but there is no evidence of that fact and no one has stepped forward to corroborate his claim.